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At MetaVI, we aim to invest in exponential technologies that creates exponential returns!

Zech David

Zech David is the Chief Transformation Officer for MetaVI World Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of 8VI Holdings, a SG-based FinEduTech company. He believes that one can make a difference by pursuing their purpose and passion through active work, while also enjoying the passive power of compounding via investing. He has also co-founded three tech-related startups to date.

He is a Web3.0 & Fintech Investor focused on investing in disruptive innovation since 2017. He has also attended VI College and graduated from its flagship “VI Bootcamp” and other advanced Financial Education programmes like Infinite Wealth. He believes that Web3.0 will usher in the next revolution of structural change in the world.

As Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer for MetaVI World, Melvin leads the strategic planning, business development, and risk management practices for the company. MetaVI World Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of 8VI Holdings Limited – a FinEduTech company with global offices in Singapore, Malaysia, China and Taiwan.

As an individual, new knowledge never fails to spark his interests. Melvin believes that Blockchain Ecosystems & Web3.0 will usher in the next revolution of structural change in the world. He is an investor focused on disruptive technology and innovation.

He holds a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Economics and Finance from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). Formerly an award-winning Financial Practitioner, Melvin has a strong love for human interactions and knowledge sharing. He assisted multiple individuals toward achieving financial independence, by adopting both the active and passive income stream approach. He advocates a practical and disciplined approach towards money management.

Vince Lim Wee Fong is the  Head of Web3 Consulting of MetaVI World. He is a new technology trend enthusiast and focuses on the trend of blockchain, digital currency, WEB 3.0, digital assets (NFT) and metaverse development.

As a mentor and speaker on new business technology trends, he put his heart out to share his expertise in the field of Blockchain & Digital currency-related knowledge, and how to combine business models or profit models with these cutting-edge technologies.

Wei Shi Khai is the Strategic Adviser of MetaVI World. He is also the Chief Operating Officer at LongHash Ventures, where he is responsible for the operational excellence and management of the company’s blockchain acceleration and investment outreach.

Shi Khai spearheads the development and rollout of LongHash Hatch Program, having raised over $20 million in funding to date. His deep expertise in blockchain and advisory in digital transformation and analytics will boost our development and positioning strategy.

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